Scooter Winterization

Scooter Winterization Tips

Scooter Winterization Tips to Help You Prepare

Unfortunately scooter riding season is coming to an end here in Wells Maine. With winter around the corner you’ll need to think about scooter winterization to help you with storing your scooter for the winter. Luckily, Nick has a few tips to help you prepare your scooter for storage.

Fuel Maintenance
Gas starts to go stale in about 30 days when stored properly. Bad gas can turn gummy or varnish like. The fuel system on your scooter has super tiny passageways that may get
clogged if bad gas is left in your scooter. You can add a fuel stabilizer to extend the life of your fuel however to be safe Nick still suggests draining the gas so you can be sure your scooter will be race ready in the spring or summer when your ready to ride.

Tire Pressure
While your scooter is sitting over the winter your tires my loose some air. Nick suggests checking your tire PSI before storing. If needed fill your tires to the recommended PSI.

Battery Maintenance
Like other batteries your scooter battery will drain even though you aren’t using it through the winter. Here at Spectrum Small Engine Repair we suggest customers store their batteries
in a warm, dry place. If you plan on storing your scooter in a shed or garage you can leave your battery in your scooter. If you have other plans for your scooter storage where the scooter will be exposed to the elements, remove your battery and bring it inside. Typically your battery is easy to access and can be removed with a philips or flathead screwdriver. You can reference your owner’s manual to find out where your battery is located. When you locate your battery you will need to disconnect the red positive and black negative wires. You should be able to do this with a screwdriver. Nick suggests using a trickle charger to maintain your battery’s charge. * A trickle charger does not charge a battery that is completely drained but will maintain the charge your battery holds by topping it off when it senses the battery is draining.

Avoid Corrosion
Clean your scooter thoroughly before storing to decrease the chances of corrosion over the winter.

Plan ahead before you store your scooter. Scooter winterization is very important if you do not want to experience any problems when Spring comes around. If left outside in the winter weather, in a tent, or shed you risk having issues in the spring because of your scooter being exposed to moisture and freezing
temperatures. The best place to store your scooter is in a warm, dry place like your garage.


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